YES! For anyone who has ever thought, “Come on, Disney princess, save yourself,” or “Wow. That’s kind of simplistic,” FROZEN is here to give you hope.

This is not only a hilarious movie that has heart, it tells a story of complex people making hard choices about being true to themselves and it is about two sisters who you just want to be friends with.

FROZEN is a spectacular movie. Thank you, Disney, for getting this movie made and doing it so right. And thank you also for casting incredible voice talent and writing simply outstanding songs.

You’re going to love FROZEN if you liked:

Beauty and the Beast
The Heat

Here’s a trailer:

The deets:

Released November 27, 2013

Written by Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck, and Shane Morris. Based on the faiy tale “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck

Starring Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Santino Fontana, and Alan Tudyk

Rated: PG

*     *     *     *     *


Anna (Bell) and Elsa (Menzel) are sisters in the kingdom of Arendelle. As little kids, they were the best of friends, and they had fun playing with Elsa’s (the older of the two) power: she can freeze things and can create incredible frozen shapes. But one night, Elsa accidentally seriously injures Anna with her power, so the decision is made to remove Anna’s memory of Elsa’s power and keep the two sisters separate.

Elsa is told she must keep her power in, restrain it, not touch anybody, and live a life of isolation so as to not put anyone in danger. Anna is confused at her sister’s sudden isolation and she becomes quite lonely, despite her unflagging optimism about the world.

Of course the parents die, leaving the two sisters to be raised in the same palace, but essentially living separate lives in an isolated, closed-off home. When Elsa becomes of age to be crowned queen, the palace’s gates will be opened for the day for the festivities. But Elsa is in constant battle with her powers, and the celebration goes south after Anna meets Hans (Fontana) and they fall in true love and decide to get married.

Now Elsa decides that as long as she is separate from everybody, she can let her power go and live life on her terms. But when Elsa lets go, the entire kingdom is covered in a blistering winter. So Anna has to find Elsa and find a way to stop the threatened eternal winter. During her journey, Anna meets Kristoff (Groff) and Kristoff’s trusty reindeer, Sven. They also meet Olaf (Gad), a snowman that might be from the sisters’ childhood.

In the meantime, Hans is managing the kingdom while the Duke of Weselton (Tudyk) seems to have it in for Elsa and also seems to have a hankering for money and power.

When Anna finds Elsa, she discovers that Elsa has no idea how to stop the deadly winter. At the same time, a group of soldiers shows up and, once again, Elsa puts Anna’s life in danger by putting ice in Anna’s heart.

Now Anna needs an act of true love to save her before she becomes eternally frozen. And Elsa has to move past her guilt and anger to find out how to control her power.

And these two sisters have to do this for themselves, although they have some help along the way.


I’m not going to give anything away in my critique. No spoilers.

But you have to know that this movie features acts of true love, courage, and sacrifice that finally open the door on the meaning of the phrase ‘true love.’ You also have to know that something a goofy snowman says will absolutely make you tear up. You should also know that this movie is driven ENTIRELY BY TWO WOMEN WHO ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO FOLLOW THEIR HEARTS AND THE ENTIRETY OF THE PLOT IS DUE TO THEIR CHOICES.

So thank you, Disney. You wrote a great story.

Now. Two songs:

“Would You Like to Build a Snowman” sets the tone early: you’re going to cry. It’s so wonderful but then heartbreaking. And Kristen Bell does her own singing.

“Let it Go” is mind-blowingly powerful. It’s conflicted, beautiful, rocking, and Idina Menzel should always sing it.

Both of these need Oscar nominations and “Let it Go” needs to win. And FROZEN should win best animated picture for 2013.

It’s funny, charming, heart-rending and warming, ultimately very satisfying and hopeful, and the animation is very nice indeed. I wouldn’t mind female protagonists who don’t have caricature-level tiny, upturned noses and big eyes, but that’s a little thing.

For a movie covered in winter, ice, and snow, FROZEN is warm and powerful.

You will love this movie. Give Disney your money.

Content warnings: None. Unless you have a problem with the word ‘butt.’

Writing: 5         Acting (voice): 5         Overall: 5

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